Football Bowl Subdivision
2014 FBS College Football Yearly Schedule
(Complete through Tuesday, July 8th - All Times Eastern)

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Wednesday, August 27
Abil Christian at Georgia State, 7:00 PM
Thursday, August 28
Texas A&M at So Carolina, 6:00 PM
Howard at Akron, 7:00 PM
Chattanooga at Central Mich, 7:00 PM
Eastern Ill at Minnesota, 7:00 PM
Wake Forest at ULM, 7:00 PM
Presbyterian at Northern Ill, 7:00 PM
Idaho State at Utah, 7:30 PM
Tulane at Tulsa, 8:00 PM
Boise State at Ole Miss, 8:00 PM
Cal Poly at New Mexico St, 8:00 PM
Temple at Vanderbilt, 9:15 PM
Rutgers at Washington St, 10:00 PM
North Dakota at San Jose St, 10:00 PM
Weber State at Arizona State, 10:30 PM
Friday, August 29
BYU at Connecticut, 7:00 PM
Villanova at Syracuse, 7:30 PM
Jacksonville St at Michigan State, 7:30 PM
Bowling Green at Western Ky, 8:00 PM
Colorado State at Colorado, 9:00 PM
TX-San Antonio at Houston, 9:00 PM
UNLV at Arizona, 10:30 PM
Saturday, August 30
Western Mich at Purdue, TBA
Savannah State at Middle Tennessee, TBA
Appalachian St at Michigan, TBA
James Madison at Maryland, TBA
Bethune-Cookman at FIU, TBA
Texas-El Paso at New Mexico, TBA
Fla Atlantic at Nebraska, TBA
California at Northwestern, TBA
Youngstown St at Illinois, TBA
Indiana State at Indiana, TBA
Northern Iowa at Iowa, TBA
Hampton at Old Dominion, TBA
UCF at Penn State, 8:30 AM
Delaware at Pittsburgh, 12:00 PM
Troy at UAB, 12:00 PM
Ohio State at Navy, 12:00 PM
North Dakota St at Iowa State, 12:00 PM
UT Martin at Kentucky, 12:00 PM
UCLA at Virginia, 12:00 PM
Wofford at Georgia Tech, 12:30 PM
Ga Southern at NC State, 12:30 PM
Colgate at Ball State, 2:00 PM
Nicholls at Air Force, 2:00 PM
Southern Utah at Nevada, 3:00 PM
Boston College at Massachusetts, 3:00 PM
Marshall at Miami-Ohio, 3:30 PM
South Dakota St at Missouri, 3:30 PM
Rice at Notre Dame, 3:30 PM
Duquesne at Buffalo, 3:30 PM
West Virginia at Alabama, 3:30 PM
William & Mary at Virginia Tech, 3:30 PM
UC Davis at Stanford, 4:00 PM
Portland State at Oregon State, 4:00 PM
Montana at Wyoming, 4:00 PM
Arkansas at Auburn, 4:00 PM
Clemson at Georgia, 5:30 PM
Ohio U at Kent State, 6:00 PM
Elon at Duke, 6:00 PM
Morgan State at Eastern Mich, 6:00 PM
Liberty at North Carolina, 6:00 PM
Louisiana Tech at Oklahoma, 7:00 PM
Austin Peay at Memphis, 7:00 PM
Western Carolina at So Florida, 7:00 PM
Idaho at Florida, 7:00 PM
Northern Ariz at San Diego St, 7:00 PM
Montana State at Arkansas State, 7:00 PM
Ark-Pine Bluff at Texas State, 7:00 PM
Southern U at Louisiana, 7:00 PM
Samford at TCU, 7:00 PM
Central Arkansas at Texas Tech, 7:00 PM
New Hampshire at Toledo, 7:00 PM
Stephen F Austin at Kansas State, 7:10 PM
Fresno State at USC, 7:30 PM
Southern Miss at Miss State, 7:30 PM
NC Central at East Carolina, 8:00 PM
Oklahoma State at Florida State, 8:00 PM
North Texas at Texas, 8:00 PM
Wisconsin at LSU, 9:00 PM
South Dakota at Oregon, 10:30 PM
Washington at Hawaii, 10:30 PM
Sunday, August 31
Utah State at Tennessee, 7:00 PM
SMU at Baylor, 7:30 PM
Monday, September 1
Miami-Florida at Louisville, 8:00 PM
Thursday, September 4
Arizona at TX-San Antonio, 8:00 PM
Friday, September 5
Pittsburgh at Boston College, 7:00 PM
Washington St at Nevada, 10:30 PM
Saturday, September 6
Northern Colorado at UNLV, TBA
McNeese State at Nebraska, TBA
Middle Tennessee at Minnesota, TBA
Northern Ill at Northwestern, TBA
Wagner at FIU, TBA
Western Ill at Wisconsin, TBA
Howard at Rutgers, TBA
Central Mich at Purdue, TBA
Akron at Penn State, TBA
Alcorn State at Southern Miss, TBA
Navy at Temple, TBA
Ball State at Iowa, TBA
Western Ky at Illinois, TBA
Kansas State at Iowa State, 12:00 PM
Arkansas State at Tennessee, 12:00 PM
Missouri at Toledo, 12:00 PM
Stony Brook at Connecticut, 12:00 PM
Oklahoma at Tulsa, 12:00 PM
Buffalo at Army, 12:00 PM
Fla Atlantic at Alabama, 12:00 PM
SMU at North Texas, 12:00 PM
SC State at Clemson, 12:30 PM
New Mexico St at Georgia State, 2:00 PM
UAB at Miss State, 2:00 PM
South Alabama at Kent State, 2:00 PM
Fresno State at Utah, 3:00 PM
Eastern Wash at Washington, 3:00 PM
Colorado at Massachusetts, 3:00 PM
Sacramento St at California, 3:00 PM
Va Military at Bowling Green, 3:30 PM
Eastern Ky at Miami-Ohio, 3:30 PM
Maryland at So Florida, 3:30 PM
Missouri State at Oklahoma State, 3:30 PM
Richmond at Virginia, 3:30 PM
Towson at West Virginia, 3:30 PM
Ohio U at Kentucky, 3:30 PM
USC at Stanford, 3:30 PM
Georgia Tech at Tulane, 4:00 PM
Eastern Mich at Florida, 4:00 PM
Nicholls at Arkansas, 4:00 PM
Ole Miss at Vanderbilt, 4:30 PM
Savannah State at Ga Southern, 6:00 PM
Campbell at Appalachian St, 6:00 PM
Old Dominion at NC State, 6:00 PM
Rhode Island at Marshall, 6:30 PM
Michigan State at Oregon, 6:30 PM
Gardner-Webb at Wake Forest, 6:30 PM
Duke at Troy, 7:00 PM
Louisiana Tech at Louisiana, 7:00 PM
SE Missouri St at Kansas, 7:00 PM
East Carolina at So Carolina, 7:00 PM
San Jose St at Auburn, 7:00 PM
Murray State at Louisville, 7:00 PM
Florida A&M at Miami-Florida, 7:00 PM
Idaho at ULM, 7:00 PM
Arizona State at New Mexico, 7:00 PM
Michigan at Notre Dame, 7:30 PM
Sam Houston St at LSU, 7:30 PM
Northwestern St at Baylor, 7:30 PM
Citadel at Florida State, 7:30 PM
Lamar at Texas A&M, 7:30 PM
BYU at Texas, 7:30 PM
Grambling St at Houston, 8:00 PM
Idaho State at Utah State, 8:00 PM
Virginia Tech at Ohio State, 8:00 PM
San Diego St at North Carolina, 8:00 PM
Memphis at UCLA, 10:00 PM
Colorado State at Boise State, 10:15 PM
Air Force at Wyoming, 10:15 PM
Oregon State at Hawaii, 10:30 PM
Texas Tech at Texas-El Paso, 11:00 PM
Thursday, September 11
Louisiana Tech at North Texas, 8:00 PM
Houston at BYU, 9:00 PM
Friday, September 12
Toledo at Cincinnati, 7:00 PM
Baylor at Buffalo, 8:00 PM
Northern Ill at UNLV, 10:00 PM
Saturday, September 13
Western Ky at Middle Tennessee, TBA
Kent State at Ohio State, TBA
West Virginia at Maryland, TBA
Miami-Ohio at Michigan, TBA
Alabama A&M at UAB, TBA
Iowa State at Iowa, TBA
UC Davis at Colorado State, TBA
Eastern Mich at Old Dominion, TBA
Ga Southern at Georgia Tech, 12:00 PM
Boise State at Connecticut, 12:00 PM
Massachusetts at Vanderbilt, 12:00 PM
East Carolina at Virginia Tech, 12:00 PM
Syracuse at Central Mich, 12:00 PM
Indiana at Bowling Green, 12:00 PM
Ohio U at Marshall, 12:00 PM
Pittsburgh at FIU, 12:00 PM
UCF at Missouri, 12:00 PM
Louisville at Virginia, 12:30 PM
Wyoming at Oregon, 2:00 PM
Air Force at Georgia State, 2:00 PM
Indiana State at Ball State, 3:00 PM
Kansas at Duke, 3:30 PM
Georgia at So Carolina, 3:30 PM
NC State at So Florida, 3:30 PM
Arkansas State at Miami-Florida, 3:30 PM
Arkansas at Texas Tech, 3:30 PM
Illinois at Washington, 4:00 PM
Minnesota at TCU, 4:00 PM
Miss State at South Alabama, 4:00 PM
Louisiana at Ole Miss, 4:00 PM
Western Mich at Idaho, 5:00 PM
Army at Stanford, 5:00 PM
Southern Miss at Alabama, 6:00 PM
TX-San Antonio at Oklahoma State, 7:00 PM
ULM at LSU, 7:00 PM
Tulsa at Fla Atlantic, 7:00 PM
Abil Christian at Troy, 7:00 PM
Wake Forest at Utah State, 7:00 PM
Purdue at Notre Dame, 7:30 PM
Kentucky at Florida, 7:30 PM
USC at Boston College, 8:00 PM
Penn State at Rutgers, 8:00 PM
Tennessee at Oklahoma, 8:00 PM
SE Louisiana at Tulane, 8:00 PM
Portland State at Washington St, 8:00 PM
Navy at Texas State, 8:00 PM
UCLA at Texas, 8:00 PM
New Mexico St at Texas-El Paso, 8:00 PM
Rice at Texas A&M, 9:00 PM
Arizona State at Colorado, 10:00 PM
Nebraska at Fresno State, 10:30 PM
Nevada at Arizona, 11:00 PM
Northern Iowa at Hawaii, 11:59 PM
Thursday, September 18
Auburn at Kansas State, 7:30 PM
Friday, September 19
Connecticut at So Florida, 8:00 PM
Saturday, September 20
Louisville at FIU, TBA
Miss State at LSU, TBA
Middle Tennessee at Memphis, TBA
Utah at Michigan, TBA
Eastern Mich at Michigan State, TBA
Idaho at Ohio U, TBA
Nicholls at North Texas, TBA
Presbyterian at NC State, TBA
Western Ill at Northwestern, TBA
San Jose St at Minnesota, TBA
Indiana at Missouri, TBA
Florida at Alabama, TBA
Marshall at Akron, TBA
Texas A&M at SMU, TBA
Utah State at Arkansas State, TBA
California at Arizona, TBA
Northern Ill at Arkansas, TBA
Old Dominion at Rice, TBA
San Diego St at Oregon State, TBA
Massachusetts at Penn State, TBA
Iowa at Pittsburgh, TBA
Southern Ill at Purdue, TBA
Southern Utah at Fresno State, TBA
Maine at Boston College, TBA
Hawaii at Colorado, TBA
Miami-Ohio at Cincinnati, TBA
Virginia at BYU, TBA
North Carolina at East Carolina, TBA
Tulane at Duke, TBA
Norfolk State at Buffalo, TBA
Bowling Green at Wisconsin, TBA
Fla Atlantic at Wyoming, TBA
Clemson at Florida State, TBA
Central Mich at Kansas, TBA
Oklahoma at West Virginia, TBA
Texas State at Illinois, TBA
Appalachian St at Southern Miss, TBA
Maryland at Syracuse, TBA
Oregon at Washington St, TBA
Georgia State at Washington, TBA
Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech, TBA
Army at Wake Forest, TBA
Murray State at Western Mich, TBA
Ball State at Toledo, TBA
So Carolina at Vanderbilt, TBA
Ga Southern at South Alabama, TBA
Troy at Georgia, 12:00 PM
Delaware State at Temple, 1:00 PM
Rutgers at Navy, 3:30 PM
Bethune-Cookman at UCF, 6:00 PM
Northwestern St at Louisiana Tech, 7:00 PM
Miami-Florida at Nebraska, 8:00 PM
New Mexico at New Mexico St, 8:00 PM
Louisiana at Boise State, 10:30 PM
Thursday, September 25
Texas Tech at Oklahoma State, 7:30 PM
Appalachian St at Ga Southern, 7:30 PM
UCLA at Arizona State, 10:00 PM
Friday, September 26
Fresno State at New Mexico, 8:00 PM
Middle Tennessee at Old Dominion, 8:00 PM
Saturday, September 27
Tennessee at Georgia, TBA
Arkansas at Texas A&M, TBA
Notre Dame at Syracuse, TBA
Maryland at Indiana, TBA
Texas at Kansas, TBA
Texas-El Paso at Kansas State, TBA
Baylor at Iowa State, TBA
Vanderbilt at Kentucky, TBA
Washington St at Utah, TBA
Texas State at Tulsa, TBA
Central Mich at Toledo, TBA
Temple at Connecticut, TBA
Western Mich at Virginia Tech, TBA
Stanford at Washington, TBA
Kent State at Virginia, TBA
Memphis at Ole Miss, TBA
Eastern Ill at Ohio U, TBA
Florida State at NC State, TBA
Wake Forest at Louisville, TBA
Minnesota at Michigan, TBA
Duke at Miami-Florida, TBA
New Mexico St at LSU, TBA
TX-San Antonio at Fla Atlantic, TBA
Louisiana Tech at Auburn, TBA
Akron at Pittsburgh, TBA
Tulane at Rutgers, TBA
UNLV at San Diego St, TBA
Missouri at So Carolina, TBA
Oregon State at USC, TBA
So Florida at Wisconsin, TBA
Colorado at California, TBA
North Carolina at Clemson, TBA
Colorado State at Boston College, TBA
Army at Yale, 12:00 PM
Iowa at Purdue, 12:00 PM
Northwestern at Penn State, 12:00 PM
Wyoming at Michigan State, 12:00 PM
Bowling Green at Massachusetts, 3:00 PM
Rice at Southern Miss, 3:00 PM
Western Ky at Navy, 3:30 PM
Miami-Ohio at Buffalo, 3:30 PM
South Alabama at Idaho, 5:00 PM
Cincinnati at Ohio State, 6:00 PM
Troy at ULM, 7:00 PM
Boise State at Air Force, 7:00 PM
Illinois at Nebraska, 9:00 PM
Nevada at San Jose St, 10:30 PM
Thursday, October 2
Fla Atlantic at FIU, 7:00 PM
UCF at Houston, 7:00 PM
Arizona at Oregon, 10:30 PM
Friday, October 3
Louisville at Syracuse, 7:00 PM
San Diego St at Fresno State, 10:00 PM
Utah State at BYU, 10:15 PM
Saturday, October 4
Ohio U at Central Mich, TBA
NC State at Clemson, TBA
Oregon State at Colorado, TBA
Memphis at Cincinnati, TBA
Buffalo at Bowling Green, TBA
SMU at East Carolina, TBA
Wake Forest at Florida State, TBA
UNLV at San Jose St, TBA
Arizona State at USC, TBA
Hawaii at Rice, TBA
South Alabama at Appalachian St, TBA
LSU at Auburn, TBA
ULM at Arkansas State, TBA
Iowa State at Oklahoma State, TBA
Virginia Tech at North Carolina, TBA
Wisconsin at Northwestern, TBA
Kent State at Northern Ill, TBA
Alabama at Ole Miss, TBA
Southern Miss at Middle Tennessee, TBA
Texas A&M at Miss State, TBA
Ohio State at Maryland, TBA
Massachusetts at Miami-Ohio, TBA
Idaho at Texas State, TBA
Georgia State at Louisiana, TBA
Vanderbilt at Georgia, TBA
Florida at Tennessee, TBA
Baylor at Texas, TBA
North Texas at Indiana, TBA
Purdue at Illinois, TBA
So Carolina at Kentucky, TBA
Texas Tech at Kansas State, TBA
Tulsa at Colorado State, TBA
Utah at UCLA, TBA
Pittsburgh at Virginia, TBA
California at Washington St, TBA
UAB at Western Ky, TBA
Oklahoma at TCU, TBA
Kansas at West Virginia, TBA
Marshall at Old Dominion, TBA
Miami-Florida at Georgia Tech, TBA
New Mexico at TX-San Antonio, TBA
Ball State at Army, 12:00 PM
Eastern Mich at Akron, 2:00 PM
Stanford at Notre Dame, 3:30 PM
Navy at Air Force, 3:30 PM
Toledo at Western Mich, 7:00 PM
Texas-El Paso at Louisiana Tech, 7:00 PM
Michigan at Rutgers, 7:00 PM
Nebraska at Michigan State, 8:00 PM
Ga Southern at New Mexico St, 8:00 PM
Boise State at Nevada, 10:30 PM
Thursday, October 9
BYU at UCF, 7:30 PM
Friday, October 10
Washington St at Stanford, 9:00 PM
San Diego St at New Mexico, 9:30 PM
Saturday, October 11
Auburn at Miss State, TBA
Georgia at Missouri, TBA
Northwestern at Minnesota, TBA
Texas at Oklahoma, TBA
Boston College at NC State, TBA
Cincinnati at Miami-Florida, TBA
Houston at Memphis, TBA
Middle Tennessee at Marshall, TBA
East Carolina at So Florida, TBA
North Texas at UAB, TBA
Buffalo at Eastern Mich, TBA
Illinois at Wisconsin, TBA
TCU at Baylor, TBA
LSU at Florida, TBA
Louisville at Clemson, TBA
Washington at California, TBA
Michigan State at Purdue, TBA
Arkansas State at Georgia State, TBA
Miami-Ohio at Akron, TBA
USC at Arizona, TBA
Alabama at Arkansas, TBA
Liberty at Appalach WR 6-4 231 R Texas A&M
14 Robert Herron WR 5-10 187 R Wyoming
15 Lavelle Hawkins WR 5-11 194 7 California
16 Quintin Payton WR 6-4 212 R NC State
17 Eric Page WR 5-10 180 2 Toledo
18 Skye Dawson WR 5-9 183 2 TCU
21 Alterraun Verner CB 5-10 186 5 UCLA
22 Doug Martin RB 5-9 223 3 Boise State
23 Mark Barron S 6-1 213 3 Alabama
24 Mike Jenkins CB 5-10 197 7 South Florida
25 Mike James RB 5-11 223 2 Miami-Florida
26 Quinton Pointer CB 5-9 194 3 UNLV
27 Johnthan Banks CB 6-2 185 2 Mississippi State
28 Rashaan Melvin CB 6-2 193 2 Northern Illinois
29 Leonard Johnson CB 5-10 202 3 Iowa State
30 D.J. Moore CB 5-9 180 6 Vanderbilt
31 Major Wright S 5-11 204 5 Florida
32 Jeff Demps RB 5-7 175 2 Florida
33 Deveron Carr CB 5-11 190 2 Arizona State
34 Charles Sims RB 6-0 214 R West Virginia
35 Kelcie McCray S 6-1 205 3 Arkansas State
36 Danny Gorrer CB 6-0 180 5 Texas A&M
37 Keith Tandy S 5-10 205 3 West Virginia
38 Dashon Goldson S 6-2 200 8 Washington
39 Brendan Bigelow RB 5-10 180 R California
41 Keith Lewis CB 6-1 190 R Virginia-Lynchburg
43 Bobby Rainey RB 5-8 212 3 Western Kentucky
44 Jeremy Cain LS 6-1 245 7 Massachusetts
45 Lonnie Pryor FB/RB 6-0 229 2 Florida State
45 Mycal Swaim DB 6-4 215 R Eastern Michigan
46 Jorvorskie Lane FB 5-11 277 2 Texas A&M
48 Andrew DePaola LS 6-2 205 1 Rutgers
49 Bradley McDougald S 6-1 209 2 Kansas
49 Ian Thompson TE 6-4 234 R LA-Layfayette
50 Dane Fletcher LB 6-2 245 5 Montana State
51 Danny Lansanah LB 6-1 255 2 Connecticut
52 Jonathan Casillas LB 6-1 227 6 Wisconsin
53 Nate Askew LB 6-4 235 R Texas A&M
54 Lavonte David LB 6-1 233 3 Nebraska
56 Chaz Sutton DE 6-5 263 R South Carolina
57 Damaso Munoz LB 6-0 215 1 Rutgers
58 Ka'lial Glaud LB 6-2 230 2 Rutgers
59 Mason Foster LB 6-2 242 4 Washington
60 Scott Solomon DE 6-3 270 2 Rice
61 Josh Allen C 6-3 315 R ULM
62 Evan Dietrich-Smith C 6-2 308 5 Idaho State
64 Jace Daniels T 6-4 300 1 Northern Michigan
65 Matthew Masifilo DT 6-3 280 2 Stanford
66 Patrick Omameh G 6-4 305 2 Michigan
68 Jason Foster G 6-3 300 1 Rhode Island
69 Demar Dotson OT 6-9 315 6 Southern Miss
70 Kevin Pamphile OT 6-5 315 R Purdue
71 Kadeem Edwards G 6-4 313 R Tennessee State
72 Ronald Talley DE 6-3 286 4 Delaware
73 Anthony Collins OT 6-5 315 7 Kansas
75 Oniel Cousins G 6-4 315 7 Texas-El Paso
76 Andrew Miller OG 6-4 296 R Virginia Tech
77 Carl Nicks G 6-5 343 7 Nebraska
78 Matt Patchan OT 6-7 300 R Boston College
79 Jamon Meredith OT 6-5 304 6 South Carolina
80 Chris Owusu WR 6-2 200 3 Stanford
81 Tim Wright TE 6-4 220 2 Rutgers
82 Brandon Myers TE 6-3 256 6 Iowa
83 Vincent Jackson WR 6-5 230 10 Northern Colorado
84 Cameron Brate TE 6-5 235 R Harvard
85 Tommy Streeter WR 6-5 215 2 Miami-Florida
86 Solomon Patton WR 5-9 169 R Florida
87 Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE 6-6 265 R Washington
88 Luke Stocker TE 6-6 253 4 Tennessee
89 Russell Shepard WR 6-1 195 2 LSU
90 Michael Johnson DE 6-7 270 6 Georgia Tech
91 Da'Quan Bowers DE 6-4 280 4 Clemson
92 William Gholston DE 6-6 281 1 Michigan State
92 William Gholston DE 6-7 278 2 Michigan State
93 Gerald McCoy DT 6-4 295 5 Oklahoma
94 Adrian Clayborn DE 6-4 281 4 Iowa
95 Euclid Cummings DT 6-4 275 R Georgia Tech
96 Steven Means DE 6-3 260 2 Buffalo
97 Akeem Spence DT 6-1 300 2 Illinois
98 Clinton McDonald DT 6-2 297 6 Memphis

As of July 8, 2014, at 10:43 AM ET